High-tech treasure hunting hits Chippewa Valley

May 1, 2012 Jan Larson No Comments

By Anna Harman

During Earth Day, members of the Wisconsin Geocaching Association located in Eau Claire, Wis. met in Lowes Creek Recreational Park for a potluck and geocaching extravaganza. © 2012 Anna Harman

Are you a muggle? Not sure what that is? A muggle is a term used in the Harry Potter series to refer to a non-magical human. But To Rob England and many others like him, it refers to someone who knows nothing about geocaching.

Geocaching is an internet phenomena that actually requires you to get off your computer, leave your home, and be a part of the world. The term comes from geo, meaning earth, and cache; referring to a hiding place someone would use to temporarily store items and the memory cache in computers.

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt with GPS systems that adventure seekers throughout the entire world participate in. The idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, in any public place and then share your experiences on an online forum.

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